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Darren and Buddy at the AHP booth in NYC Chris Eliopoulos A day at the Starlight Runner Entertainment office. CBS Radio, LA- taking a caller Starlight Runner Exec VP, Mark Pensavalle, Crixus from Spartacus, and Darren Sanchez at SDCC 2011 Stay classy San Diego (2011) The spirit of Anubis attacks! Avi Yassky as Brickwall Brickman. The Foxwood Falcons... Falcons Forever! That HAD to hurt Mr. Charles Yassky as Grampa James. Robbie Wise hides the idol. Mike Parker, bad-ass with a slingshot. Test of strength... punch down that tree. It says, Death shall come on swift wings... or was that Swiss wings? Zombie cop attack. My commute Michelle Rodriguez is excited to meet Travis Star Trek babe, Ruth Ann Mr. Pulman Spring Time in Union Square, NYC.

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