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Welcome To After Hours Press

After Hours Press, LLC is a Producer and Consultant in the development of Intellectual Properties (IP’s). As an independent comic book publisher AHP has specialized in developing new IP and new franchises through comic books since 2001. AHP also consults on existing IP’s and developing creator owned titles. Bringing ideas to life as comics, is a specialty of AHP.

After Hours Press was initially founded in 2001 by three comic book industry professionals, Darren Sanchez, Buddy Scalera and Chris Eliopoulos. Today, Sanchez is the sole proprietor and CEO/Publisher of the company. AHP specializes in the writing and production aspects of creating comics and IP development.

With professional experience in custom comic development the AHP, IP development group has brought clients’ concepts to reality as comic book properties, including projects for The Boomer Esiason Foundation, Kraft (Cheesasaurus Rex), KFC, Nintendo and the Centsables, to name a few. Our team brings a strong level of professionalism to any concept and is available to discuss developing intellectual properties for clients.