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Created by Boomer Esiason and Darren Sanchez in conjunction with GTG Productions, LLC
After Hours Press has developed the next big thing in kids' comics. Genie the Genius ©. Co-created by former NFL MVP, Cincinnati Bengals and NY Jets quarterback, Boomer Esiason along with AHP's Darren Sanchez, in conjunction w
by Darren Sanchez and Mathew Tow, cover by Bernard Chang
When Robbie Wise learns that his father has been tragically lost in a plane crash, he is surprised to find out that he must now carry on as the next in line to the Wise family's secret lineage. Robbie must become the new Guardian of the Mystic Vault, respo
by Darren Sanchez with Hassan Godwin, Michael Harris, David Brame and Mathew Tow- Covers by Juan Doe
Ray Wells is a young genius from the future who creates the technology for time travel only to have it immediately stolen. In an attempt to steal it back he finds himself on a run for his life, in a chase through time. When he is stranded in the late Creta
by Darren Sanchez, Daniel Leister & Joe St.Pierre, Cover by Sean Chen, Bob Layton and Dennis Calero
Chief Warrant Officer Mike Aragon is an Army helicopter pilot who is rescued from a watery crash by a group of aliens sent to judge whether mankind is fit to continue to occupy the planet. Will Aragon be able to sway their decision? Includes the firs
Joint Armored Attack Team 1st appearance, Celestial Alliance #1
Created by Darren Sanchez, art by Dennis Calero with character designs by the legendary artist, Juan Doe. The Joint Armored Attack Team, JAAT is a top secret military strike force designed to deal with the most unusual and extreme situations. The
by Joe Caramagna & Dennis Budd
“Model Operandi” is about Legsy Diamond...model by day…carefree adventurer by night. She’s part of a team of hot, fun-lovin’ babes who stumble into trouble all over the world…and maybe fight some crime along the way. Jump in to their first exci
by Buddy Scalera and Stephen Downer
The first ever sit-com styled comic book features Mike, Maris, Jerry and Joe Jr. as the staff of the lowly auto parts shop at a luxury car dealership, dealing with the daily trials and tribulations of life, love and auto parts. Mike is forced to train t
by Buddy Scalera
Written by Buddy Scalera, with art by Nick Diaz, Dennis Budd, John Statema and Joe Caramagna. Colors are by Wilson Ramos. Letters are by Chris Eliopoulos. 7 Days to Fame, is a comic mini-series about people who appear on a reality televisi
by Michael Dolce, Daniel Leister, Tyler Kirkham, Talent Caldwell, Jose Holder and Jim Calafiore
Donald Wright was a lowly assistant looking for a way to impress his boss, when a mysterious informant changed his life forever! Now he's the SIRE, a superhero transformed against his will, forced to fight evil by his own costume. When the very same alien
Heroes Fallen Studios, Inc., in conjunction with After Hours Press. LLC.
Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan is a non-profit, charity comic book, graphic novel, with proceeds going to selected charities who help our soldiers in times of need. As a former US Army Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot, AHP CEO Darren S
by Chris Eliopoulos
ALL-AGES COMIC STRIP “SHERMAN’S ROOM” IS A FANTASY ESCAPE Brand New Comic Book Collects Cartoon Strips By Chris Eliopoulos “Sherman’s Room,” is a comic book about a little boy who escapes the reality of life in the fantasy world of his viv
by Chris Eliopoulos
Join two twenty-something slackers, one drunken sloth, a guy living his life in a theme-park costume, the sister of one slacker, and the wife of his that always has her ventriloquist dummy on hand, as they make their way through the single life and marriag
by Buddy Scalera, Christian St.Pierre and Steve Hoveke, letters by Chris Eliopoulos and Darren Sanchez
Bonita & Clyde reads like an amalgam of West Side Story and Bonnie & Clyde in this urban romance turned crime story. When the little sister of the local drug lord, Bonita falls for the white boy from the other side of the tracks, n
by Buddy Scalera with Mike "Swank" Marts and Pat Quinn
What happens when the dead won't stay dead? Freed from his burial tomb after decades of death, archeologist Marshall VanderGott awakens to a world he does not recognize. Although he's been deceased for nearly 70 years, Marshall finds himself imbued with