Joint Armored Attack Team 1st appearance, Celestial Alliance #1
Created by Darren Sanchez, art by Dennis Calero with character designs by the legendary artist, Juan Doe.

The Joint Armored Attack Team, JAAT is a top secret military strike force designed to deal with the most unusual and extreme situations. The team consists of one individual from each of the four main branches of service; Army, Navy, Air Force & Marine Corps. Each member has been symbiotically linked to a highly classified, armored suit. With the nature of their armor a mystery, and their mission-specialized abilities untested, the JAAT unit is the U.S.A.'s first, last, and only line of (real) defense against major threats both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. Now if they could all just get along.

Non-stop action and military style buddy humor, JAAT is Iron Man (x4) meets Aliens (Colonial Marines).

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