The Sire™
by Michael Dolce, Daniel Leister, Tyler Kirkham, Talent Caldwell, Jose Holder and Jim Calafiore
Donald Wright was a lowly assistant looking for a way to impress his boss, when a mysterious informant changed his life forever! Now he's the SIRE, a superhero transformed against his will, forced to fight evil by his own costume. When the very same alien energy force connected to his costume begins wreaking havoc on the globe, it's up to the SIRE to uncover the truth and somehow save the Earth from a technology mogul hell bent on its destruction!

"Truly inspired, the SIRE is the result of pure excitement and magic on the part of its creators." - Ethan Van Sciver

"If heroics take a backseat to manipulation, then convention takes a backseat to innovation in The Sire" - Wizard Magazine

"The story is solid as Dolce makes the characters three-dimensional. this (is a) well done indy tale of a reluctant super-hero." - Comic Buyers Guide

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