Foxwood Falcons™
by Darren Sanchez and Mathew Tow, cover by Bernard Chang
When Robbie Wise learns that his father has been tragically lost in a plane crash, he is surprised to find out that he must now carry on as the next in line to the Wise family's secret lineage. Robbie must become the new Guardian of the Mystic Vault, responsible for finding and securing a massive inventory of history's most legendary and powerful artifacts from a group bent on using their powers for evil.

With training from his eccentric Grampa, who hasn't been a Guardian for decades... and the help of his 8th grade buddies, Robbie takes on the spirit of the Anubis Idol. In order to save the town, his Mom and the girl of his dreams, Robbie must learn to embrace the power of the Guardian-- and the responsibility that comes with it.

The Goonies meets Indiana Jones, in this fun-filled action story with heart.

Created and written by– Darren Sanchez
Art by– Mathew Tow
Cover by– Bernard Chang
Colors by– Jeff Balke & Travis Escarfullery

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