The Sire #4
The Sire returns!

Donald Wright was just a lowly secretary before being transformed into the Sire – a superhuman forced to fight evil by his own costume! Now, following the events of the first mini-series, he’s come to accept the power he wields, but will he accept his mission? You’ll never guess who it puts him at odds with if he does.

Superstar artist Talent Caldwell returns as cover artist with a dazzling rendition of our hero!

The Sire #4.
Written, Lettered, Colored by Michael Dolce
Penciled by Daniel Leister (1-18); Wil Torres (19-22)
Cover by Talent Caldwell, Andrew Mangum & Travis Escarfullery
Published by After Hours Press, 22 Pages Full Color.

The Sire is © and TM 2011 Michael Dolce.

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