Darren Sanchez

Darren Sanchez, co-founder of AHP, has created, written and/or developed numerous titles including, Genie the Genius (aka Genie the Gene), Big Air Jerry, Aeronaut, Dead Money, Celestial Alliance, Foxwood Falcons, JAAT, and Impossible Tales. A former U.S. Army, Chief Warrant Officer and attack helicopter pilot, Sanchez is also a writer, editor, artist, graphic designer, husband, dad and Master Jedi.

Sanchez has been in the comic book industry since 1993 starting at Valiant/Acclaim Comics as Managing Editor and Production Director, then later moving on to Wizard Entertainment as VP. Sanchez has been the Creative Lead and Senior Editor for the New Media, Custom Solutions team at Marvel for the past six years. Throughout his career Sanchez has worked in all areas of development and production on magazines, comic books, hardcover publications, animation, podcasts and marketing initiatives for Valiant Comics, Acclaim Entertainment, Wizard, Starlight Runner, Marvel and many fortune 500 clients of Marvel and After Hours Press.

Sanchez has co-written screenplays and successfully optioned creator owned AHP properties (Foxwood Falcons & Celestial Alliance). He also co-wrote and Executive Produced the award winning independent film, CRY, with Director, Scott Klein of Lights Out Productions.

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