Created by Boomer Esiason and Darren Sanchez in conjunction with GTG Productions, LLC
After Hours Press has developed the next big thing in kids’ comics. Genie the Genius ©. Co-created by former NFL MVP, Cincinnati Bengals and NY Jets quarterback, Boomer Esiason along with AHP’s Darren Sanchez, in conjunction with GTG Productions, LLC.

When fifth-grader, Andy Andrews rescues a junior-level Genie from a dusty old lamp at the museum, his life suddenly gets a whole lot more entertaining. Genie takes Andy on a time travel experience to see live dinosaurs in action, all in the name of homework. While exploring the Cretaceous, taking pictures and having a blast along the way, Genie and Andy face danger on land, sea and air, in a fantastic adventure.

Will they make it back in one piece… and how long can Andy keep his new found Genie a secret?

Written by Darren and Emily Sanchez
art by Massimo Asaro and Fernando Peniche

Alternate Cover Version (shown) by Matteo Stanzani and Darren Sanchez

Genie the Genius, and Genie the Gene, are ™ and © 2017,
GTG Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.