by Buddy Scalera
Written by Buddy Scalera, with art by Nick Diaz, Dennis Budd, John Statema and Joe Caramagna. Colors are by Wilson Ramos. Letters are by Chris Eliopoulos.

7 Days to Fame, is a comic mini-series about people who appear on a reality television show and commit suicide so they can become famous.
The full-color, three-issue mini is written by veteran journalist and comic book creator, Buddy Scalera (Deadpool, Wizard World, CBG).

The story explores why some people will do anything to appear on television, and how surprisingly close we are to seeing an entertainment program with this sort of extremism.

In the comic, “7 Days to Fame” is the title of the television program where people appear for six days to discuss their life, loves, education, career, and unfulfilled dreams. Then on the seventh day– they kill themselves in the most creative way possible.

The show becomes a television phenomenon and kicks up a media frenzy of supporters, as well as people who want to pull it off the air.

“Reality television is an amazing cultural phenomenon,” says Scalera, who graduated college with a degree in Mass Media Communications. “Some people will do anything to be on television.”