by Chris Eliopoulos
Brand New Comic Book Collects Cartoon Strips By Chris Eliopoulos

“Sherman’s Room,” is a comic book about a little boy who escapes the reality of life in the fantasy world of his vivid imagination.

The all-ages black & white cartoon book is written and illustrated by award-winning comic creator Chris Eliopoulos (Fantastic Four: Franklin Richards – Son of A Genius, Desperate Times, Star Wars Tales). The story shows how little Sherman escapes into his personal fantasy world with space aliens, superheroes, and other surreal creations to get away from his overbearing family.

In the real world, Sherman is pressured by his parents and picked on by his sister. Yet in his bedroom, Sherman is like a superhero with limitless power. “This is the comic book that children and parents can read and enjoy together,” says Eliopoulos, a father of two. “The comics strips are short, so it is perfect bedtime reading.”

Eliopoulos is a multi-talented comic book and cartoon creator. His work appears regularly in Sports Illustrated and in the popular reference books “The Complete Idiot’s Guide.” He is best known for his award-winning work as a letterer for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Dark Horse. His popular comic strip “Desperate Times” appeared as a backup feature in “The Savage Dragon” for over three years, until it was launched as a standalone comic book.

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