by Buddy Scalera with Mike “Swank” Marts and Pat Quinn
What happens when the dead won’t stay dead?

Freed from his burial tomb after decades of death, archeologist Marshall VanderGott awakens to a world he does not recognize. Although he’s been deceased for nearly 70 years, Marshall finds himself imbued with newfound strength and stamina, and is once again ready to join the land of the living. But rather than fight crime or do something similarly unselfish, Marshall decides to trod a different path and lead “the normal life.” He soon falls in love. Things go well until a terrible secret from MarshallÕs past resurfaces — the ancient Curse of the Mummies — and torments Marshall and those he loves in ways both horrifying and fatal.

The dead never rest.

The story is by Buddy Scalera, who is the co-writer of Marvel’s DEADPOOL, and is the former online editor for Wizard. His co-writer is the mysterious Mikey Swank

Pat Quinn supplies the cover and interior art. His pencils have appeared in Gen13, Writers Bloc and other comics.

This comic is a complete story in one 66-page graphic novel. Horror fans will appreciate the powerful story and graphic, disturbing visuals. The actual comic book is in FULL COLOR!